Background Screening Services and Investigations For Property Managers

Social Guardian Group can help identify what type of person you are potentially renting to by exploring their social media accounts, search engine results, and court records. Are they who they say they are? Do they maintain a clean environment? Are they finically responsible, are they discussing any money problems on social media? Many people can present well in person or over email; however, you really do not know much about them through these types of interactions. This is why you should hire Social Guardian Group (a team of real live investigators) to locate your potential renters online and confirm they are a good fit for your property.

  • Do you know the person you will be renting to?
  • Does your potential tenant have an unsavory history with the law?
  • Will your potential tenant maintain a clean living environment?
  • Is your potential tenant financially responsible?

Social Guardian Group has provided property managers online investigation services to anywhere in the United States. Our tenant investigations have uncovered countless forms of information on the internet that provide insight to property managers and landlords. We are experts at social media investigations and combine real-world private investigators, with today’s most cutting-edge technology and cyber investigation techniques to consistently deliver results and answers to our clients. Social Guardian Group invites you to contact us today at (877) 402-2369 so you may speak to an investigator on our team, and get your private online investigation started.

Background Screening and Investigations Clientele

  • Commercial & Residential Property Managers

  • Corporate Property Management Agencies

  • Apartment Complex Managers

  • Private Property Owners / Renters

  • Homeowner Associations (HOA)

  • Condominium Associations

  • Housing Communities

  • Luxury High-Rise Condominiums and Apartments

  • Cooperative Housing Developments

  • Master & Sub Associations

Property Manager Case Study: Background Screening & Investigations

A young couple decided to rent out their second property for extra income. They put an ad up on Craigslist and found who they thought were suitable renters for their residence. The couple renting out their home would conduct check-ins via email or text every few months to inquire about any issues or problems, and they were frequently told everything was great. When the renters’ year lease was up, they notified the owners they were would not be renewing their lease. The homeowners proceeded to check out the property before they moved out and found thousands of dollars in damages to their floors, walls, and appliances. The owners withheld the security deposit, but this did not cover the damages to their residence. The couple did not have the time or money to file suit against the prior renters, so they proceeded to fix up the property and start looking for new potential renters. After they placed another ad on the internet, they met with several potential renters. Before making their final decision, Social Guardian Group was contacted to provide assistance.

Social Guardian Group assisted these property managers by building virtual profiles of the possible renters so they could prevent another damaging situation to their residence. We conducted a full social media investigation and built a detailed profile of the possible tenants to provide further insight to the homeowners. We were able to provide investigation data and media that allowed the property owner to see the current lifestyle of the potential tenant (do they maintain a clean environment and respect their property). Social Guardian Group located images of the potential renters and their current living situation. We also conducted a thorough background check to assure no prior suits or bankruptcy claims were filed against the possible tenant. We were able to provide valuable information that would have been unattainable without the use of Social Guardian Group. The landlords used information from our investigation report to determine the potential tenant would be reliable and respectable. Our investigation provided peace of mind and reassurance to our client by assisting them in making an informed choice.

Our Investigation & Background Screening Services

  • Tenant Screenings

  • Tenant Background Checks

  • Social Media Investigation of Potential Tenant

  • Detailed Investigation Report of Tenant Investigation

  • Tenant Search Engine Investigation

  • Tenant Court Record Investigation

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Social Guardian Group Is Changing Investigations

Social Guardian Group is NOT software based. We are a team of experienced private investigators who are trained experts in social media investigations. Our property manager investigations and tenant screening services have provided property managers valuable insight about their potential tenant before they ever made a commitment. We utilize cutting-edge technology, combined with industry-proven investigation tactics to find and locate your person of interest. We operate anonymously. Our social media investigations, as well any other private online investigation we conduct go completely undetected. We do not require any login information for your private online investigation. Our cyber investigators are trained to look for keywords, specific terminology, and other identifying and revealing factors that assist us in identifying social media profiles of those attempting to disguise themselves online. We are experts at collecting online data that may be otherwise impossible to attain.

Property Manager Investigations
Software Products Social Guardian
Require login information of profiles you need to investigate. Trained investigators will locate online profiles with no login information needed.
Require the cell phone of your person of interest, and can notify them if they are being monitored via text alert. No cell phone required or notifications sent. We remain completely hidden without alerting your person of interest that they are being monitored.
Limited to information you provide them. Only search profiles given by their clients. We investigate not only your person of interest, but those associated with them in an attempt to locate additional beneficial information.
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