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Attorney Online Evidence Collection Services


  • Online Evidence Collection
  • Litigation Support
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Detailed Investigation Report Compiling All Evidence
  • Search Engine Investigations
  • Court Case Support

Product Description

An attorney who represents individuals charged with D.U.I. had a string of cases where his clients did not fully disclose their history or events leading up to their D.U.I. After said attorney grew tired of dealing with his frustration, he reached out to Social Guardian Group to help develop virtual background and social profiles for his potential clients. We were able to investigate his potential clients’ virtual lives and document comments and photos that we determined as potentially detrimental to their court case. Social Guardian Group became an important asset because we were able to collect online data of the potential clients that would otherwise be unattainable. Armed with the information we uncover in our online investigations, the lawyer was able to make informed decisions about committing to future clients. We provide insight into those who are outwardly displaying their irresponsible lifestyles, which damages the opportunity for an attorney to achieve a favorable resolution in court.