Police and Law Enforcement Investigation Support Services

Police departments and other law enforcement entities are constantly faced with challenges and hurdles to overcome when performing investigations. With such a wide variety of cases and circumstances to deal with, the challenge of quickly finding evidence, or locating the person of your interest in a timely matter to resolve a law enforcement investigation is vitally important. Whether it be evidence to confirm an alibi, finding leads to locate a missing person or child, or to simply locate a person of interest that may be connected to a crime you are investigating, Social Guardian Group can provide valuable services to help expedite the process, as well as reveal valuable information to help support your investigation.

Social Guardian Group has provided evidence collection and investigation support to police departments and law enforcement entities all across the United States. We are not software based. We are a team of experienced private online investigators with years of experience in the private investigation industry. We combine proven investigation tactics, with cutting-edge online investigation tools to quickly uncover the evidence and information needed by police departments and law enforcement to close their investigation. We have helped resolve countless investigations in a timely manner. If you would like to learn more about the private online investigation services that Social Guardian Group provides, we recommend that you call us today at (877) 402-2369 so that a member of our private investigation team can explain our evidence collection and investigation support services in detail over the phone.

Client Case Study: Law Enforcement Investigation Support

Local law-enforcement had been dealing with stolen property from parked vehicles. Such items were identified as laptops, cell phones, and musical instruments. The police were unable to track down the individuals due to lack of evidence and zero leads. Social Guardian was contacted and we were provided with descriptions of these items. Social Guardian located a massive amount of the stolen property at local pawn stores and online resources like craigslist. The contact information, including copies of their photo ID and in-store video, was provided by the stores and then provided to law enforcement resulting in the apprehension of these individuals.

Investigation Support Services For Law Enforcement and Police

  • Police Investigation Support

  • Law Enforcement Investigation Support

  • Social Media Investigations

  • Background Checks

  • Online Evidence Collection

  • Detailed Reports of Evidence Collected

  • Search Engine Investigations

  • On-going Investigation Support and Monitoring

  • Court Record Investigations

  • Digital Media & Image Collection

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Social Guardian is quite simply the most cutting-edge law enforcement investigation support available today.

Social Guardian Group is ready to support your investigation with our innovative investigative services.
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Our Investigation Support Is Different

Social Guardian Group is NOT software based. We are a team of experienced private online investigators who are trained experts in social media investigations. We have provided law enforcement investigation support for police investigations across the United States. We utilize cutting-edge technology, combined with industry-proven investigation tactics to collect evidence and locate your person of interest. We are experts at providing investigation support for law enforcement. We operate anonymously. Our social media investigations, as well any other private online investigation we conduct go completely undetected. We do not require any login information for your private online investigation. Our cyber investigators are trained to look for keywords, specific terminology, and other identifying and revealing factors that assist us in identifying social media profiles of those attempting to disguise themselves online. We are experts at collecting evidence and online data that may be otherwise impossible to attain.

Law Enforcement Investigation Support
Software Products Social Guardian
Require login information of profiles you need to investigate. Trained investigators will locate online profiles with no login information needed.
Require the cell phone of your person of interest, and can notify them if they are being monitored via text alert. No cell phone required or notifications sent. We remain completely hidden without alerting your person of interest that they are being monitored.
Limited to information you provide them. Only search profiles given by their clients. We investigate not only your person of interest, but those associated with them in an attempt to locate additional beneficial information.
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