Employer: Should Social Media Be Included In Background Checks?

A determining factor in hiring a new employee should be the passing of a thorough pre-employment background check. Once the interview process is complete and the potential new hire/s are selected, the process of running background checks not only helps verify resumes, but also assists in filling in [...]

Social Guardian Group Recovers Stolen Musical Instruments

Stolen property such as jewelry, TV’s, computers, and musical instruments can result in the catastrophic loss of valuable and sentimental collection. In fact, most victims of theft typically only contact Law Enforcement and file a report for the stolen items. In most cases, these items are rarely recovered. [...]

Why Online Private Investigators Can Help Find Missing Children

Social Guardian Group's team of online private investigators have investigated many cases involving missing children. Of all the different types of investigation cases we have conducted over the year, none can quite compare to those that have a missing child involved. Over the many years of our service, [...]